Originating from a modest four-car mechanic workshop on Oxford Street in Leederville, the Barbagallo Group was founded by brothers Alf and Tony Barbagallo in 1967. From its humble beginnings, the Barbagallo group has grown to become a brand synonymous with luxury, prestige and exemplary customer service.

The group is still family owned and operated with Alf Barbagallo at the helm of the group as Managing Director and Tony Barbagallo as Director. The continuation of strong family management and ownership of the group continues with second generation family members Vince Barbagallo and Ben Tropiano overseeing the automotive operations as Dealer Principals.

The Barbagallo brand is renowned for its expertise in motoring excellence across the luxury motoring segment. Twelve prestige automotive marques are represented by the group (Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Rolls Royce), most of which are solely represented by Barbagallo in WA.

Expanding its interests outside of automotive and further afield into the luxury space, Barbagallo Group extended its arm into the Marine Industry and consequently Barbagallo Marine was established in 1997. Barbagallo Marine has operated as the distributor of Sunseeker Luxury Motor Yachts since 1997 when it was founded, and has been apart of the growth of brand. Barbagallo has worked closely with Brad Rogers and the Sunseeker East Coast team as a retailer, and has achieved one of the highest volumes of Sunseeker sales in the world. Barbagallo Marine is the sole Australian and New Zealand distributor for Sunseeker Luxury Motor Yachts, and only the distributor for Ray Glass, Protectors in Western Australia. Barbagallo Marine has recently announced the addition of another ultimate brand to the group with sole distribution in Australia and New Zealand for Pirelli Tecnorib speedboats and tenders.

The group also operates luxury watch retailer; Barbagallo Watch. Barbagallo Watch specialises in some of the greatest brands in Swiss watch making, Audemars Piguet, Patek Phillipe, Zenith along with the Italian house of luxury, Bulgari. Just a few more great brands to add to the groups repertoire. The founder of Barbagallo Watch, Troy Barbagallo, along with his horology emporium, operates Miss Universe Australia and an array of other events through the event company, Pink Tank Events.

In line with the intrinsic family values that resonate within the business, the Barbagallo Group has a strong commitment to supporting children’s health and welfare issues, with Troy and Sophia Barbagallo founding and taking an active role in fundraising for the Barbagallo Group’s self-managed charity ToyBox International.

The combination of our extensive experience in the luxury marketplace alongside the ingrained family values and rich Italian heritage that continue to resonate through the group ensures that Barbagallo not only remain at the forefront of the luxury market place, but that our customers receive nothing less than the highest standards of customer service and that forms the basis of an ongoing relationship with the business.

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